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We design lasting IT solutions to ensure the smooth operation of Swiss companies. Leave your IT up to us where resources run out. Designed for digital routine.

Unico beliefs

We are a team of experts, nerds and strategists. We are passionate about creating innovative solutions without losing the human aspect. We enable a healthy collaboration between users and technology. In doing so, we rely on the following beliefs.


Our Credo:

  • Digitalization is developing rapidly
  • Knowledge transfer is growth
  • Automation means more time for what matters
  • The safer the better
  • Teamwork is the key to great successes

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IT infrastructures should take into account the financial and business requirements of a company and note the other way around. Our day-to-day ambition is to evaluate and operate the right cloud solution for you.

Why Unico as your IT partner

Your IT counts. As a functioning system, it is the foundation for an operational business. It holds your data world together and is the backbone of your company. Your IT does not forget and secures your work. But with the digital transformation, it is constantly exposed to new challenges and is more dependent than ever on reliable and secure structures.

You are experts for your company; we are experts for the technical side. Together we develop your IT solution for lasting and innovative success. We place great value on trusting and long-term relationships and are in regular exchange with our customers.

More than two decades ago, we developed one of the first data centers in Switzerland. Since then, we have experienced all the technological advances and have continuously trained ourselves. In doing so, we have never lost sight of the human aspect.

Our strength is not only the technology, but our team of experts who create individual solutions for each customer.

Pflegerin hilft Patientin, Blicke fokusiert nach unten gerichtet

We have our customers backs

Case Studies

Read our case studies and learn how we keep our customers free for the really important things in life with a reliable and secure IT infrastructure.

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How we develop digital routine

The key elements


We are a team of nerds, enthusiasts, technicians and people lovers and we do our best for our customers every day.


We are convinced that despite all automation and digitalization, the human element must not be lost. We enable healthy and goal-oriented cooperation between people and technology.

Tried and tested

We have been fascinated by technology for more than 30 years. We understand how technology, automation and digitalization make our lives easier and are built for long-term success.


We are looking forward to your message.



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