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Crafting enduring IT solutions to streamline Swiss businesses. Entrust your IT needs to us and experience seamless digital operations.

Unico Principles

We are a unique blend of experts, tech enthusiasts, and strategists, driven by a passion for crafting innovative solutions without compromising the human touch. We foster a harmonious relationship between users and technology, guided by these core principles:


Our Credo:

  • Rapid Digitalization is our reality
  • Knowledge sharing fosters growth
  • Automation frees up time for what truly matters
  • Safety is paramount
  • Teamwork paves the way to grand achievements

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IT infrastructures should align with a company’s financial and business needs, not vice versa. Our daily mission is to assess and implement the optimal cloud solution for you.

Such a complex topic as IT cannot be managed without a partner in the same boat. We have found this partner in Unico. Our IT is now much more stable than before and is constantly evolving.

— Gabriel Jordi, CEO at Jordi AG

The migration worked from an instant to the next.

— Lukas Schüpfer, CEO at Avantos

The sense of community and collaboration are highly professional. The people at Unico enjoy working together. There is a good atmosphere. We notice that as a client.

— Matthias Oesch, Management at Geotek AG

Why Choose Unico as Your IT Partner

Your IT infrastructure is crucial. As a cohesive system, it forms the bedrock of your operational business, safeguarding your data and serving as your company’s backbone. In the wake of digital transformation, it faces new challenges and requires robust, secure structures more than ever.

You are experts in your field; we are experts in ours. Together, we can shape your IT solution for sustainable, innovative success. We value trust and long-term relationships, maintaining regular communication with our clients.

Over two decades ago, we pioneered one of Switzerland’s first data centers. Since then, we’ve kept pace with every technological advancement, continually enhancing our skills, while always prioritizing the human element.

Our strength lies not just in technology, but in our team of experts who tailor solutions to each client’s needs.

Our Approach to Digital Routine

The Key Elements


We are a team of tech enthusiasts, people lovers, and everyday heroes, striving to deliver our best for our clients.


Despite the rise of automation and digitalization, we believe the human touch is irreplaceable. We facilitate productive, goal-oriented collaboration between people and technology.

Proven Track Record

For over 30 years, we’ve been captivated by technology. We understand how technology, automation, and digitalization simplify our lives and are designed for long-term success.


We are looking forward to your message.



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