Unico Spirit
Your Unique IT Partnership in Switzerland

Meet Unico, a team of digital experts navigating the complex landscape of IT security and workflow solutions. We’re here to help businesses thrive in the digital age.

Your Swiss IT Support System

We simplify our mission: We create robust IT solutions to ensure seamless operations for businesses across Switzerland. Our goal is to ensure your IT infrastructure evolves with your company’s growth, empowering you to achieve success.

We are Unico

80 employees

Team spirit is very important to us. People who work for us are specialized in their field.

30+ years of experience

We have already experienced quite a bit and know what is important.

Social commitment

We are socially committed and work with organizations and institutions to integrate people into the labor market.

ISO 27001 and 20000 certified

Quality is essential. With the certifications we prove that we implement certain standards for management systems.

As of 2022

Unico in figures







A Vision
For the Future

Leveraging our years of experience, we understand that successful technology implementation requires a deep understanding of your immediate needs and long-term growth plans. That’s why we prioritize building trust-based, long-term relationships with our clients, partners, and employees.

Our Core Values


We believe in honest and sincere interactions, treating everyone with respect.

Continuous Improvement

We strive each day to better ourselves and achieve our objectives.


We own up to our mistakes and learn from them.

Bold Progress

We appreciate our achievements and make brave decisions, responsibly and sustainably utilizing our resources and opportunities.

Our Company culture

  • Teamwork
    We celebrate both individual and team successes.
  • Expertise
    Unico employees are specialists in their fields.
  • Passion
    After over 30 years, we remain captivated by technology and constantly seek ways to simplify our clients’ lives.
  • Experience
    Our employees, on average, have been with Unico for eight years, amassing a wealth of knowledge about our clients.
  • Development
    We invest a lot in our specialists and are currently training eight IT specialists as apprentices

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"Team spirit is the key to success. We support each other, motivate each other to perform at our best and celebrate successes together."

— Markus Baumann, CSMO

"We're fascinated by technology and are constantly looking for ways to make things easier for our customers."

— Vince Lehmann, CEO

Our Journey

From a Garage to a Leading IT Company in Switzerland

Flashback to 1991. A garage in a small village on the Belpberg served as the launchpad for pioneer Toni Hossmann. A small team of technicians soon had the first network up and running. In 2002, before cloud solutions became mainstream, we launched our data center, which remains a core part of our business today.

We’ve grown alongside technological advancements, tackling new challenges daily to meet the increasing demands of businesses and employees.

Our team of over 80 employees in Switzerland and Canada work round the clock to make this possible. Our passion remains unchanged since day one: We aim to bring joy to people’s digital lives.

Our Commitment to Social Responsibility

Social commitment is an important part of our corporate culture. We believe that people have individual needs and want to incorporate these into our corporate culture. We therefore offer re-entry into the labor market for people who have been absent for a longer period of time, mostly as a result of accident or illness.

In cooperation with the Job Coach Placement of UPD, we have successfully reintegrated several individuals into the workforce.

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You will be involved in a wide range of projects and work in a unique and motivating team. We assign you according to your competences and promote you. Interested? Click here to continue to the job opportunities.


As an addition to your existing IT team or as IT partner - We do everything for a trouble free IT. Do you have a question? We look forward to hearing from you.